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 CEGA Precision measurement: focus on research and manufacturing. Our mission is to master the core technology to create excellent products, to dance with top intermational brand.


Our process equipment are from Switzerland, Japan and synchronized the world!

Guaranteed Quality: 

Our inspection instruments are from Germany, Japan and synchronized the world!


we have developed out stainless steel precision pin gauges with high hardness HRC60℃, we not only improve the raw material, also increased times of tempering treatment, make the size more stable after

28 hours of-196℃ Ultra-cold Treatment. These pins solve those problems very well what are easy to be rust, not wear resistance and unstable size.


 All our products are inspected in 20℃±2 constant temperature environment, we will check the instrument before inspecting and ensure the tolerance and precision to be the same as top internationalbrand. We suggest customer to provide parameter ofinstrument for checking if the tolerance is below0.0005mm, in order to keep the result synchronized with instruments of customers.

  • Pin Gauges Overview


    Applied to measure the hole diameter,a rod made by metal or carbide steel or ceramic or stainless steel with high hardness and specified size.


    Metal, Carbide Steel, Ceramic And Stainless Steel.


    Pin gauge, plug gauge, smooth pin gauge, hole diameter pin gauge, Go-No gauge, inspection gauge, inspection pin, Go gauge, No gauge and etc.

  • Application

    Pin Gauge apply for mechanical and electronic processing, to inspect hole diameter, hole distance and internal thread diameter. Especially for bending width and mold size measurement. It can also be used as go-no pin gauge and hole depth inspection. Pin Gauge is a kind of necessary standard tool for inspecting hole, and widely used in electronic boards, circuit boards, precision machinery manufacturing and other high precision technology areas.


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