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Quality Policy

Quality Policy 

Quality is vital for an enterprise, high quality products are the powerful weapon to enter into intemational market. Out of a desire to produce superior products, we stresses on every particular in process. Use first-class products to respond to the fierce market competition.

  • Precision & Specifications

    Pin Gauge Diameter Accuracy(Tolerance):

    Standard Tolerance:±0.001mm

    Available Tolerance:±0.0005mm、±0.002mm、+0.005mm、-0.005mm; Or custom made as customer's required.

    Pin Gauge Roundness:

    Standard Roundness:0.0008mm

    Precision Roundness:0.0003mm

    Diameter Size:


    Size Range(Step):Step 0.01mm、0.02mm、0.025mm、0.05mm、0.10mm、0.50mm、1.00mm and so on.

    Inch:Size Rang 0.011in~1.000in

    Size Range:0.001in,0.0005in and so on, Accuracy:±0.001mm,±0.002mm,+0.0025mm,-0.0025mm,+0.005mm,-0.005mm and so on.)

    Formula Between inch and metric: Inch size *25.4=Metric size(eg.0.011*25.4=0.2794mm)

    Length: Standard length 50mm

    Length can be custom-made as custome's requirement.


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